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christopher north: links


celinder basses
cn owns a 5 string J-update, his broadway, tv and main recording electric bass
david gage
the best for double bass repair and pick ups
taos drum
great drums! great store (despite the smell)
Handmaid African drums / percussion. Beautiful handmaid Shakere.
cn's owns severals basses (jazz, precision, 4 and 5 strings, fretless), several guitars (tele, strat) and amp (deluxe)
martin guitars
cn owns a mahogany D 15 and a backpacker
cn's owns a 410 CE
boss effects
cn own too many pedals to mention
cn's own a qs 8.1 keyboard, photon keyboard and an adat
lee oskar harmonicas
cn owns 14 Lee Okar harps
cn owns a Hohner Melocia and 2 Chromonicas
horst Grunert basses
cn owns a 5 string anno 1982
engelhardt bass
cn owns a b-1 which he bought at rockville music in dallas, tx in 1996
line 6
cn owns a pod xt and a DL-4
cn owns too many to mention (including memory man, holiest grail, small stone, a small clone and a Q-TRON+
cn owns a traveller and a 2408, and uses digital performer for film scoring
cn ows a longhorn bass
richie's guitar repairs
the best
yamaha, yes yamaha
cn first electric guitar was a white strat copy yamaha and first amp was a 15W 6inch Yamaha amp (bought for $50 at a pawn shop in Garland TX.) Later cn got a classical guitar and semi-hollowbody guitar.
kay instruments
cn owns a kay model c-1 bass (1940's) and an "L" series guitar. He bought the guitar on September 10, 2001 at Richies.
cn owns a 1977 fireglow 4001 bass
tacoma guitars
cn owns a tacoma thunderchief acoustic bass