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christopher north: links


official website
Check out the trailer and recently added behind the scenes video!
Easy links to everything about this film and score including itunes, cdbaby, the ensembles, a FAQ section and much more coming soon.
Eroica Trio
Beautifully brought to life 20 + minutes of christopher north / August Moon music for Eavesdrop in a day at Legacy studios.
what a band! they came in and kicked the bernard hermann inspired tunes as well as channeled heavenly tones in "Rose" theme. This is the 2nd Quixotic Endeavors film score that Ethel played cn's music. Here's to many more....
Carol Emanuel
harpist extraordinaire! carol nailed all the film noir cues and even made the tune "noiree' all her own (from a lead sheet - how many harpists can do that?) She's one of a kind.
Drummer Todd Isler
Saxophonist Allen Won - Soprano and Tenor
Bassist George Farmer
Pianist Adam Morrison
Trumpeter Ronnie ButtacavolI
legacy studio
Thanks fot Bojen and Reed for a very productive session in studo A.