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lucky days

Variety's Review
Variety's review of Lucky Days - "should have a healthy, cultish afterlife" with "Christopher North's music a notable asset".
Lucky Days NYC Premiere in Brooklyn
Just because you can take it doesn’t mean you should. In a gritty, heartfelt romance laced with comedy and drama, Virginia (Angelica Torn) embarks on a quest for freedom during the last weekend of the summer. After the reappearance of her childhood sweetheart (Luke Zarzecki), Virginia discovers hidden truths about her boyfriend (Federico Castelluccio) and her neighborhood that forces her to abandon everything she’s ever known to the wolf pack of developers buying up and tearing down the boardwalk, or sacrifice herself to the world that created her. This last film championed by producer/ actor Paul Newman, Lucky Days is also the last movie filmed in the Coney Island Amusement Park and offers a final glimpse of this historical destination’s former glory that has been lost forever. Also starring: Will Patton, Anne Jackson, Tina Benko, Marilyn Sokol, Gary Wolf, Frank Wood and Rip Torn. August 6 at 9:00pm - August 12 at 9:00pm IndieScreen 285 Kent Avenue Brooklyn, NY
lucky days movie - site with trailer
USA film festival
Lucky Days screening with Rip Torn tribute
Coney Island Film Festival
Official selection for the CIFF in late September.
lucky days movie
cn has completed the score to Angelica Torn's film Lucky Days starring the actor/writer/director herself, Will Patton, Federico Castelluccio, Luke Zarzecki, Rip Torn and co-director Tony Torn