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christopher north: news

(short) film music volume two - January 25, 2011

off to cdbaby/itunes. updates soon!

3+ albums, been a while. Let's kick it up to '11. - January 6, 2011

2010, big release year: Eavesdrop in September, De La Sur Sans La Voce in November and both Giant Place Detail & Lucky Days in the last week of 2010. There's also (Short) FIlm Music Volume Two out real soon. Others on my screen and in the oven.

Black Friday - November 25, 2010

All of my 9 albums at a BIg Big "thank you fans, friends & family" discount at Cd Baby!
$5 Download, $6 CDs. Spread the Love!

Brooklyn Tornado - September 24, 2010

The Eavesdrop score is out! Itunes and CdBaby (physical and download.) Check out BIg promo push and mailings soon. I'll post radio (yes radio) stations request lines thereafter.

CN just completed Brazilian score for Alexandra Roxo's Bemvindo, final tweaks on trailer music for Cybil Lake's Gun Virgins and working on mastering to three upcoming releases: Lucky Days score, (short) film music volume 2, and De la Sur - san la voce (y B sides.) Also, Making plans / Gearing up for jazz albums (titles + more info soon.)

On the gear front, Installation of Altiverb, Hollywood Strings and Vienna Symphonic Orchestra SE has gone smoothly - More Orchestral music / versions of theme and larger ensemble mock ups coming soon. Faderport and Octapad really helping with flow and ideas. My guitarviol, a bowed guitar, is in the queque and will be in my possession this year.

Abidjan continues to screen everywhere.

LUCKY DAYS - August 4, 2010

Lots of news - Lucky Days official NYC premiere in Brooklyn at Indiescreen. Opens August 6th and runs to the 12th. DVD / Netflix out August 11th. Score out soon. Free Ringtones for a limited time. LA Premiere announcement soon.

ON FIRE - June 17, 2010

Lot's of recent tracks just added to player. Whistling tunes, heavy riffs guitars, relaxing ambience, symphonic Hermann-essence ... check it out. All composed, performed and recorded this year by CN.

3.3.10 - March 3, 2010

'10 kicking! Just finished short film score to Abidjan by Alexander Etseyatse. Shot in NYC and Ivory Coast, the score feature urban and African influences. In last two months, CN finished 45 minutes of music for feature doc Giant Place Detail as well as music / sound design for 2 plays and a song for All the Happy Creatures web site. (links to follow.) Played a bunch of shows at HAIR. Lucky Days distribution deal official, summer art house theatrical release. March 4 is premiere of trailer for Le Chat Noir short film "S&M", for which CN composed the main theme ("barb wire" on playlist.) "CUT", another LCN short with CN score, premiered in the festival circuit at the Super 8 Film Festival (honorable mention.) Currently in talks / pre-production plans with several shorts, features, gigs. Eavesdrop DVD available any day (score release to follow.)

To: oh, oh, nine! - December 31, 2009

Giant Place Detail (feature doc on Shua group's dance piece) coming along. Eavesdrop film to DVD, On Demand and Netflix in March. Soundtrack (cn's album #8) to follow. Jazz quintet gig in the spring to be announced soon - to perform and promote cn's film music / jazz tunes (studio recording & albums to follow.) Album of redux / reimagined jazz / film music and album of new jazz tunes in the summer. Also, lot's of films coming out (news on Luckys Days), films in progress and film in talks for 2010. Sneak peak tracks for 2010 on the player and "hear" page representin' my sonic diversity with a big D.

comedy short / feature doc! - November 24, 2009

I've just completed a comedy short call case closed, starring Geneva Carr. I'm signed for a documentary feature on a location specific dance work. I called into cdbaby podcast for the first time. Here's to more films, the completion / release of double album space bar and a bigger web presence in 2010.

soundtracks, finally - October 26, 2009

Everything's Jake score is finally out in the world. (short) film music volume one is coming up and out next real soon. Using Waveburner and mastering myself means that I'll put out more faster sooner better. My studio is becoming what I always wanted it to be. 2010's looking huge!

been a while - September 9, 2009

Hair, screenings and scores:

I've been subbing on HAIR for Wilbur Bascomb and I've played with Bernard Purdie on drums a few times. What a blast and an honor!

A couple of shorts I scored in the last year and a half are screening. See "what's next".

The score to Everything's Jake will up on cdbaby and itunes soon. Also, in the works is a compilation of some of the music I've composed in year and half for film called "(short) film music volume one."

I'm in talks with some features, lot's looking up for what remains of a (thus far kind of) weird year.

latest - April 30, 2009

Lucky Days won Gold Remi award at Houston World Fest on April 26.

Cut film fund raiser at the Abbey on Monday May 4.

Break In Screening on May 6.

Just completed 1st part of animated feature "Sad Panda Fellowship" and screener of short comedy "Nutmeg". (The latter off to festivals.)

Nearly all themes for PHI video game are assigned.

Onward - April 14, 2009

Just finished short "Break In" by Deidre Britter.

Many main themes have been approved on current projects: Short film "Cut", animated feature "Sad Panda Fellowship" and video game "project phi." And, Last but not least, double album "space bar" inching forward.

"Everything's Jake" soundtrack and instrumental "de la sur" to itunes to very soon.

Lots in the works - February 12, 2009

2 shorts in progress, the beginnings of an animated feature ...
in talks with other film projects ...
all the while, more work on video game PHI and space bar.

Most importantly, the new website(s) are inching forward.

WEB 2.0 coming - podcasts with DB leonard slated for this spring.

Screening of LUCKY DAYS in March.

New-ness! - January 9, 2009

Another short completed, Kenji Oliveras' short film "Meat (working title)".

Video game and another short film (b/w super 8) scores in full gear. Double album (still) in the works.

Other film and internet projects (including a graphic novel) in the pipeline. Looking like a big year!

Website revamp / web 2.0 week scheduled. Expect new look and feel February.

Busy ness! - November 2, 2008

Commencing another short film (Eddie Griffith's "Brother's Reaction" and music for a video game.

Space Bar still creeping along...

Thank you Paul Newman! - October 1, 2008

Lucky Days best feature at CIFF on Saturday.

Paul Newman was the Producer Emeritus for the film. What an honor!

More of CN's music out in the world - - September 17, 2008

Beloit College is using CN's music for the play "The Forever Waltz" and Lucky Days to screen at the Coney Island FIlm Festival.

CN selected for BMI Film Scoring workshop - September 10, 2008

CN will be one of six participating in the Composing for the Screen: Film Scoring for a New Era, an intensive and experiential NYC-based film scoring workshop, directed by Rick Baitz. Sponsored by BMI and The Manhattan Producers Alliance. Takes place Sept. 15 to Oct. 10.

so it's been a while... - August 29, 2008

lot's going on, more updates to follow (some albeit belated), but for now movie news:

LUCKY DAYS selected for Coney Island Film Festival in late September.

Eavesdrop site updated with "Behind the Scene" video.

CN completed score for "Heart," a 10 minute short film by Hugh Plantin.

new space (space bar update #3) - April 29, 2008

it's official, cn's new music studio is up and running! this is the biggest space for his music in all his year in nyc. whoo!

ALSO, lot's of news in the works ...
here's some hints - space bar art, space bar recording with T (and Ethel), another documentary in the works, movie deals, youtube videos (including live performances and guitar lessons) !

LUCKY DAYS (sneak preview of a rough cut) at USA Film Festival - April 16, 2008

Tribute to Texas-born actor Rip Torn and sneak preview (of a rough cut) screening of "Lucky Days" on April 25, 2008 in cn's home town Dallas, Tx.

Eavesdrop Trailer (Eavesdroppings #7) - March 21, 2008

Check out the recently updated site -

space bar update #2 (Y recital) - February 17, 2008

CN premiered 2 songs and a soundscape for solo double bass at his faculty recital at the 92nd st Y. The event also marked his return to playing original jazz tunes. Expect more jazz gigs later this year. But for now, recording space bar has kicked into high gear. Rammer is working on images for the cover / website.

space bar'd - November 3, 2007

rehearsing, arranging, and some recording has started on the magnum opus "space bar" ...
expect tracks to trickle out for internet release / digital download soon - all leading up to the double album physical cd release with artwork for every track.
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