de la sur

A labor of love recorded in 2001. The first cd of rock / pop songs to feature the christopher north singing all the voices and playing lots of instruments - like a one man symphony orchestra. Philip Clark, Bryan Vargas and David Penna join on four tracks. (released 2002) Special price for the summer - $8.00 !!! buy de la sur cd at
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opus zero

The first cd of this christopher north's classical music. It features words sung by tenor / poet Cory Scott Colton and performances by Pauline Kim, Conrad Harris, Boris Deviatov, Grace Lin, Noreen Polera and the composer on Double Bass. (released 2002) buy opus zero cd at
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the forever waltz

sound design and music / songs for the play by glyn maxwell, directed by elysa marden, presented in nyc, london and edinburgh. (released 2006) buy the forever waltz cd at
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Music from the vault (1988-1998) now out in the world... beautiful, intense chamber music (flute and guitar, art song, solo piano, solo violin, string quartet), intriguing, colorful music / sound design for modern dance, and a couple of rock / soul songs for good measure. (released feb 2007) buy "renquist" cd at
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de la sur sans la voce (& b sides)

Instrumental versions (plus previously unreleased B-sides) of the 2002 album De La Sur, a labor of love recorded in 2001 featuring Christopher North playing most of the instruments on his eclectic songs. Some of these tracks placed in films & tv. For fans of Jon Brion, Stevie Wonder and They Might Be Giants. Buy Download at Cdbaby
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