"Max Roach: The Drum Also Waltzes" wins Best Music Documentary at the 2023 IDA Documentary Awards

"Max Roach: The Drum Also Waltzes is an important film, telling a story the world needs to hear about how music and activism worked and continue to work hand in hand."” - Kyle Foley

But Why Tho?

"It stands out pretty highly in the music documentary genre ... great music doc with a fascinating social angle."” - Sean Boelman

Dissapointment Media

"Time is everything in this 'American Masters' presentation. The documentary benefits from having had an abundance of it."” - John Anderson

Wall Street Journal

"Often building sections into pulsating impressions that reflect its subject and an overall musicality"” - Marjorie Baumgarten

Austin Chronicle

Michael Walker's Paint is "the best New York indie I've seen in years .... One of the great discoveries of 2020."

Ms. Magazine - Top 15 Feminist Films of 2018 Indiewire - 52 Directors Pick Their Best Films of 2018 (one of Debra Granik’s picks) NPR’s The State of Things (WUNC) - Documentary Shows Every Vote Counts, If You Can Cast It Columbia Journal of Law & The Arts, Capturing the Flag Shows Just How Hard Voting Can Be WhoWhatWhy, The Quiet Subversion of Voter Suppression “Inspiring and thoughtful - Capturing The Flag is a topical, engaging testimony of passion in divisive times!” - Hollywood Soapbox … read more reviews at capturingtheflag.com/press

— all about Capturing the Flag

De Mare, an award-winning director (The Homestretch, 2014), has taken us back to a fateful moment in U.S. history to allow us to relive it at the ground level and in personal terms. With cases before the courts (including our top court) on issues of gerrymandering, alleged attempts to manipulate the upcoming census, as well as looming critical midterm elections, de Mare’s film couldn’t be timelier.” - Marvin Brown

Capturing the Flag Movie Review

Music naturally fills the film, including appearances by Gary Clark Jr., Buddy Guy, Lucinda Williams and others, and mesmerizing archival footage of House and James in their late phase of revitalized stardom. As we watch these once-marginalized artists thrillingly bring their past to bear on tense times, so does this look-and-listen complement the urgency of our newly charged civil rights moment.” - Robert Abele

TTR in LA Times