Eavesdrop Suite with Hollywood Chamber Orchestra at Montalban Theater LA May 27, 2017.  Photo by Buckets Moving Company


Max Roach: The Drum Also Waltzes World Premiered at SXSW March 12, 2023 and Broadcast TV/Streaming Premiere on American Masters PBS on October 6 at 9pm

Thrilled to announce a feature documentary on the iconic musical artist / drummer and pioneering social activist Max Roach, directed by Sam Pollard & Ben Shapiro.  Score composed & produced by Christopher North, actualized by a stellar quintet featuring bassist (& former student) Cole Davis, Aaron M. Johnson on Alto / Tenor Sax, Anthony Hervey on Trumpet, Lawrence Fields on Piano, Michael Ode on Drums, recorded at The Bunker Studio, as well as M’Boom inspired Percussion Cues multi-tracked by the Andy Blanco. (Add'l contributions including a “jam in the sand” Cue from Rex Benincasa and Kate Amrine on Trumpet). Assisted by Landon Knoblock, Mixed by Erdem Helvacioglu.  Much more to say about this film, more screenings and the score later.  https://www.maxroachfilm.com @maxroachfilm @sxsw

Glowing Reviews In!  including  If you know people who play drums, want to play drums, or want to play drums better, “Max Roach: The Drum Also Waltzes” could effect a turning point in their lives.” Wall Street Journal October 6, 2023.

Carnegie Hall Conducting Debut & World Premiere of New Work with ACMA Orchestra Nov. 18

Several film scores, double album space bar, website redux and reels on reelcrafter underway.  

Recent conducting with the New Conductors Orchestra and ACMA Symphony Orchestra Feb 25, 2023.

Exclusive Interview at Gainsayer

Updated Vimeo Channels - Eavesdrop Suite with HCOMusic for DanceTrailers, Film Clips, Songs for Children's TVBassist, & Harmonica


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