Eavesdrop Suite with Hollywood Chamber Orchestra at Montalban Theater LA May 27, 2017.  Photo by Buckets Moving Company

Latest News (March 2021):

Scored by CN, Award Winning Feature Docs Directed by Women, Trending / Streaming:

CN's Guitarviol Bookends Darrel Hammond Doc  Michelle Esrick's CRACKED UP released NYTimes   LATimes 

Jane Well's Pot Luck: The Altered State of Colorado Released 4/20/20

Anne De Mare's Capturing the Flag 

and doc short on father/son surfers:

Christina Agatha Zachariades' Domingos (2020)


Music for Dance, Remote Collaboration:

Jenn Rose's ChoreoFest 5.30.20 Locked Within

Lynn Newman / Artichoke Dance's Isolation/Connection with NEA / CARES Relief Funding

See it On Vimeo


Other Recent News:

Michael Walker’s Paint picked up on Gravitas Pictures, Released Dec. 15

Marcus Slabine’s The Dark OfferingsTrailer dropped on Halloween. Praise at PH, HB, MB, M&M, DC, RM

Usher Morgan’s Homebound off to Festivals

And more...

Todd Krueger's Unpainted at Nac Film Festival 2020, Teaser Here 


ROLI Soundhive on Sam Pollard's Grammy Nom'd Two Trains Runnin'


Alexander Etseyatse's LP Vimeo Staff Pick Scored by CN

Bass for Jann Klose's Pilot Light hits 1M Views


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Talking Movies, Music & Songs at Sound Table

Nocturnes: Conversations with Macabre Media Makers, In Depth Chat (“A Masterclass on CN’s Process”) with Jay Michaels


Exclusive Interview at Gainsayer


Push play above to Hear tracks from Flag Football, Two Trains Runnin',  and various soundtracks including recently released All In Time, Skye of the Damned, CUT SHOOT KILL, A New High and albums and many many more.  

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