A New High screens Sept 22-25 at the Cape Town Recovery Film Festival (taking place there & in Johannesburg.) I'm so proud of this film, directed by Sam Miron & Stephen Scott Scarpulla and produced by Eamon Downey.

I’m thrilled to release the soundtrack today, during Rosh Hashanah & the eve of the autumnal equinox - a good time for many to take a few moments to reflect. 

This feature doc (LA Film FestivalSeattle International Film Festival DOC NYC) has been out since June 1st (dist'd by The Orchard, with high rankings on iTunes & Netflix. I’ve been struggling with getting the soundtrack out. Mostly due to normal reasons (other projects, etc) but mostly to due an abundance of riches, editing down from the 8+ hours of music created for the film (hour plus in final film,) somehow honing that music to a manageable size OMPST, that represents the best stuff. 

Upon announcement of this particular festival screening, I saw the light at the end of a long tunnel.

It’s my hope that this music and the care with which I’m presenting this album (in some part reflected in titles & sequencing) offers some solace and support. It's a soundscape with moments of jubilation and awe, along with humbling acknowledgement of dark times, fear and disorientation. Perhaps, it can facilitate meditation on the journey we’re all on. And specifically for those in the program, well, this is for you. 

Climb your mountain. It sure feels good to feel.